Our company, CHATZIDAKIS SA, was founded in 1990.
It is located at the 15th kilometer of Larisis-Tyrnavou road. It is active in the preservation, standardization and trade of fresh

Every year the company manages approximately 10,000-11,000 tons of fruit, which is mostly supplied from the area of Tyrnavos, but also other areas such as: Agia Larissa, Kastoria, Pyrgoi Kozani,Katerini, Lamia and Arta.


The main volume of production is kiwifruit (3000 tonnes), apples (2000 tons) and pears (2000 tonnes) .


We have special standards based on which the production of large quantities of products is followed.


Our facilities have modern cold storage rooms fruit storage, with a capacity of 8000 tons and a packing house with four modern electronic fruit sorters.


The products are distributed directly to supermarket chains from the company's facilities in Greece to the markets of Europe, Midddle East and America.